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About Us


Elevating Your Relocation Experience

Welcome to Swiss Start - Migration Management, your partner for a smooth new beginning in Switzerland!

Switzerland, with its amazing landscapes and high quality of life, attracts many people who want to start a new life here. At Swiss Start - Migration Management, we specialize in making this transition as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

Our service covers all the steps: from organizing documents to assisting with residency permits. With years of experience and an extensive network, we support you throughout the process.

Your advantage: you save time and money. While we handle complex applications, you have time to prepare for your upcoming life.

What Sets Us Apart: Expertise, Empathy, and Personalization


A Commitment to Your Success

Before your residence permit is granted, Swiss Start goes the extra mile to provide you with a stable and comfortable base. Leveraging our extensive network, we assist you in finding temporary housing tailored to your needs. Whether you envision the vibrancy of city living or the tranquility of a countryside retreat, our personalized approach ensures that your accommodation aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle. 

With Swiss Start, your transition to Switzerland is not just a move; it's a step toward your ideal living space.

Rely on our expertise for a worry-free start to your new life in Switzerland.

  • At Swiss Start, we specialize in guiding you through the intricacies of the documentation required for your relocation to Switzerland. Our experienced team assists with visa applications, residency permits, and other essential paperwork, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Trust us to navigate the bureaucratic landscape, making your paperwork process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Absolutely! Swiss Start understands the challenges of securing accommodation without a residence permit. Leveraging our extensive network, we assist you in finding temporary housing tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a stable and comfortable base even before your residence permit is granted, ensuring a seamless transition to your new life in Switzerland.

  • Swiss Start goes beyond logistics to provide comprehensive relocation support. From connecting you with essential local services to offering guidance on cultural nuances and community integration, we are committed to making your transition to Switzerland smooth and enriching. Let Swiss Start be your trusted partner, ensuring you feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Navigate your relocation journey with ease by exploring the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section from Swiss Start. Here, we address common inquiries about our services and the relocation process to provide you with the information you need.



Expertise in Immigration Management: We are familiar with the challenges and have built a comprehensive network.

Temporary Housing and Domicile Addresses: Use our service for temporary accommodations and domicile addresses.

Clear Communication: We speak a simple and understandable language for smooth collaboration. Additional languages are not a problem!

Transparent Costs: You know exactly what you are paying for! Our prices are fair and flexible, tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Comprehensive Support: We accompany you not only in bureaucratic processes but also assist you in all aspects of the move.

Trust us to handle the bureaucratic challenges, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your impending move.

Navigating the bureaucratic landscape becomes effortless with Swiss Start

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